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Company Incorporation

India is ranked as the 3rd most preferred biotech destinations across Asia-Pacific region and features amongst the top 12 in the world. Government of India’s commitment to spend US$ 3.7 billion during the period of 2012-17, only proves India’s continued determination to grow the industry to US$ 100 billion by 2025 and beyond.

Every market is distinctive in nature with its unique set of policies and framework. Setting up a right entity at right time and right place is extremely crucial in today’s world, as one wrong step may lead to several strong implications for the firm.

Our subject matter experts shall assist you with evaluation of various alternatives and shortlist the best operational structure for your firm. Our team of legal and advisory consultants shall gain all the necessary regulatory and statutory approvals on your behalf, in an accelerated time frame, in compliance with the Indian laws and regulations.

Being an Indian company, we deeply understand the policies and regulations to overcome any bottlenecks for the organization. Our in-depth industry expertise and stakeholder relations provide insights that creates long-term value for client organizations. Our research-driven methodology enables us to conduct deep dive assessment, with particular attention to criticality and client’s needs, in real time. Our services are best suited to meet all kinds of client needs.

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