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Merger & Acquisition

Structural advantages, low labour cost and superior research & development capability has redirected world’s interest in India’s biotechnology industry. Companies are successfully leveraging this untapped opportunity in liaise with the Indian counterparts.

ADISU leverages an integrated, battle-tested approach that links acquisition strategy, diligence and merger integration. Together, we shall help you decide on the best investment strategy, in line with your corporate vision and available growth opportunities, and develop tailored M&A programs.
ADISU’s end-to-end model includes:

  • Corporate and acquisition strategy definition: Through ADISU’s expert guidance, management teams introspect into the corporate strategy to prioritize growth opportunities anddevise M&A plan
  • Deal assessment and acquisition screening: Successful deals are guided by meaningful deal thesis, tied to companies’ growth strategy, devised &assessed by our team of subject matter experts. ADISU leverages a disciplined framework to screen the targets and develop approach road map
  • Strategic due diligence: Together, we shall assist you withworld-class diligence followed by synergy assessment and integration roadmap to identify the key sources of ongoing value
  • Merger integration planning and execution: ADISU understands no two integrations are similar. In order to realise the full deal value, ADISU’s team shall assist you, leveraging its time-tested process management skills, with the long-list of integration tasks, considering aspects from culture to IT, deal thesis to integration mapping
  • Divestitures and Separations: ADISUworks alongside firms to manage their portfolios and decide future strategy so that entire focus can be to unlock substantial shareholder valuefrom core business

ADISU leverages its disciplined and time-tested approach, across industries and geographies, to provide an end-to-end M&A support. Critical to the success of the model, ADISU’s M&A subject matter experts which carefully guide you towards the deals that create immense value and put you on a growth trajectory. 

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