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Managed Training Services

IT services industry is expected to reach $225 billion by 2020 and $350 billion by 2035 on the back drop of technological innovations and newer business models. With changing customer’s expectations, vulnerable technologies, frequent transformations and rapid changes in skill demand, reskilling workforce is perceived to be an imperative step to sustain.

Training equips the workforce with innovative power, decision making capability and people management skills.

People are company’s greatest asset. More than the technology, you need innovative skills and technological knowledge to solve complex future challenges. However, to reach the peak excellence performance requires efficient and effective development, administration and management of training programmes.

Looking at resources as a part of an integrated corporate strategy, firms are able to gain a competitive people lead. ADISU’s team of consultants and external professionals help you advance your organization and, as a result, strengthen both the value of your workforce and your people’s roles and careers. Remarkable successful transformations only occur when the desired skills, behavioural, attitude and and culture are second nature to everyone in your firm.

ADISU’s collaborative approach, combined with its unique framework assures positive outcomes and continuing results. ADISU’s portfolio of services include skill gap identification based on role-based competency profiling, training mix assessment based on learning objectives, content, medium and learners’ profiles, strategic sourcing based on business gap assessment, content management,  learning administration & management, certification based on assessment services, and advisory services, in liaison with internal or external solution provider. Assessment services further assist clients determine key performance & result areas, assess future training needs and gauge leadership traits for promotion or lateral movement of employees.

Together, we deliver long-lasting results and outcomes, from strategy to execution. The resulting culture of collaboration can provide you with a network of innovative insights and thinking to further drive business results.

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