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Managed Video Conferencing

Location is expected to matter even less than it does today, potentially opening the door to increased global competition from organizations that don’t have the required resources. Technology for video conferencing is increasingly being adopted across the world.

To facilitate real-time seamless exchanges amongst your employees, business partners, suppliers, distributors, customers and other teams, suitable productivity-enhancing technologies have to be identified & integrated organization wide, in line with the broader business objectives. Specialised skillsets and knowledge is required to ascertain the best possible solution provider – in terms of video quality, device & network support, H/w & S/w platforms design, payment model, contractual terms, management & ongoing support.

Our next generation Managed Videoconferencing Services is an end-to-end offering dedicated to resolving organizations’ connectivity and integration issues. Backed by system of consultants and knowledge experts, we specialise in need assessment based oncorporate objectives and vision, evaluation, selection & sourcing based on business gap assessment, administration & performance management in liaison with internal or external solution provider, and advisory services.

Together, we can help you build trusted relationships that enable you to deliver better outcomes and sustainable growth.

We work with you to turn thinking into execution, to accelerate profitable innovation and collaborative ecosystems, optimize firms’ capabilities, and help drive growth.

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